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Top 4 Products for a Natural Mama

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Mama's, have you heard?! We are introducing our new skin care line Fat and the Moon which includes top of the line natural baby products. This line offers chemical and toxin free products that are within the budget, which in my opinion is important for every mom.


Babies Healing Dust: Babies healing dust is great to absorb moisture and comfort the sensitive skin when changing diapers. Talc free and corn free it helps to fight the yeast that is thriving in a diaper environment. Marshmallow root has smoothing properties to start the healing.


Growing Belly Balm: Made for the mama to aid in the protection and support of the skin. Use IN the shower to seal in moisture, rub yourself down when your skin is wet and elastic and towel dry as usual. This balm is like a cloud made of cocoa butter and shea butter and is whipped to perfection with almond oil.

Calm Kid Mist: Spray in your child's pillow to create calming effect to help your child go to bed with ease. The calming effects of lemon balm and lavender have been revered for generations. California Poppy adds an energetic vibe to this mist, dulling sharp reactions and cooling out tempers and fears.

Babies Moon Salve: Moon Salve can be used as a diaper balm as well as a moisturizer for minor scrapes and bruises. Babies bodies are sensitive and using products that are healing and nourishing are a great option. This is a great alternative to the petroleum based products, it is chemical and by-product free product.

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