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Top 5 Fashion Bloggers We Love

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We love finding fashion inspiration from other women who have the same passion as we do. Check out our Top 5 Fave Fashion Bloggers.

1. Jenaly Enns is the voice behind In My Dreams.

In her Words: "That feeling when you really want something but know its not reality, at least not at the moment and that’s when you say “In my dreams”. That is where the blog name came from. For as long as I can remember I have dreamed about things like owning beautiful designer clothes and traveling the world. Slowly more of these things have actually become reality but there are still so many things that are “In my dreams” so follow along with me as I try to bring these things and feelings to life."

We love her style it's for the women who is laid back but sexy.

2. Jen is the voice behind Her Waise Choice

In her words: "My name is Jen, and I’m a Vancouver-based life and style content creator. I started this blog back in 2010 when I was in school studying marketing. It was a “creative outlet” of sorts that included a lot of shopping, crazy looks, and never wearing the same outfit twice. Over the years, my philosophy of style and tastes have evolved: it’s been a slow transition, but I’ve begun to see and understand the implications of the fashion and blogging industry and what that means for me. I’m learning to build a closet of things that serve me well, pieces that will be well-loved and used for years to come. I’ll admit that it’s certainly not perfect, but I’m sharing my learnings along the way."

We love how she plays with clean lines and silhouettes. Her looks are balanced are scream chic women.

3. Alicia is the voice behind Alicia Fashionista

In her words: "Alicia Fashionista began in my early twenties, while I worked as a stylist/digital media specialist for a local clothing company. I had also just moved to the city, was in school for marketing, and teaching dance on the weekends. I’d wanted a place of my own to express my creativity, share outfit ideas, and tell stories. Now here we are, 8 years later, at this tiny little corner of the internet that has grown into far more than I’d ever imagined."

She is a confident women and giving us travel and life envy. I love how she really styles her outfits to go with the place she is in, it's amazing!

4. Christine Andrews is the voice behind Hello Fashion

"Hi Guys! Thanks so much for visiting Hello Fashion! I’m Christine Andrew (no middle name) I was born in Bogota, Colombia. I’m half Colombian, half American. I started my blog in December 2011, can’t believe it’s been that long! I started this online diary as a way to share my favorite sales, buys and fashion finds. Now I share everything from family and travel to fashion, beauty, and home decor. I love connecting with you guys and sharing life’s beautiful journey a long the way."

We are loving how young and fresh she dresses as a women. Always fitting clothing but looking so on trend.

5. Atlantic Pacific

In her words: "The story of Atlantic-Pacific began way back in April of 2010. I was working at Gap corporate (more on that later this week) in San Francisco, and began to notice how street style photographers and fashion bloggers were influencing our design teams, the editorial direction for the season, and overall, sparking conversation about where fashion/style was headed. I was absolutely fascinated with how these fashionable people on the street – and those sitting behind their computers – were helping to shape the decisions that multi billion dollar creative organizations were making. I also recognized a clear shift in the industry – brands were beginning to feel disconnected from their consumers and were hoping to operate on a more personal level. The idea that consumers were starting to look more and more to bloggers and ‘real people’ for advice, styling, and product recommendations, only furthered my curiosity. I wanted to be a part of that, and just weeks later, I started Atlantic-Pacific. I began by simply documenting my outfits each day before or after work (yes, I actually wore these outfits to work) with basic outfit shots taken on a point and shoot camera. The locations were anywhere that was most convenient – on my roof, right outside my apartment building, or in and around the parking garage at work (LOTS of parking garage photos)."

We love how fearless she is with fashion but always looks like a million dollars.


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