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How to Frame your Face with Sunglasses

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Let us guide you on how to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for your face and you can start by looking in the mirror to find your face shape.


If you're looking in the mirror and notice that your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, you have a diamond face shape. We want to shape and balance your face so choosing frames that are not as wide as your cheekbones.


Start studying your face in the mirror, are you finding a broad forehead and a strong jawline? When you are working with such strong lines you want to think about a round type of shape, this will help balance out your face. Demi Moore is a great example of a celeb with a square face shape.


Lucky you, if you have an oval face you can have your pick of sunglasses. With your balanced features you can pull off pretty much every look so have fun shopping. Jessica Alba is a oval faced stunner like you!


Oblong faces are long and narrow so this allows you to play will fun oversized type of sunglasses. Using thicker frames really helps balance out your face. Kate Hudson is a celeb that has this face shape.


This is for my round faced beauties out there, if you have less defined features or less strong angles on your face. When choosing your new pair of sunnies you want to choose something that offers sharp lines to help balance out the roundness of your face. Celeb with a round face to help you compare your shape: Mila Kunis.


Reece Witherspoon has this face shape which is also considered to be a triangle. The heart face shape is when your face is widest at the temples and goes narrow to the chin. To balance a face shape like this an aviator type frame is a great choice.

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